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Meet the Edmonton woman who’s created boozeless parties so people can have fun in social situations… without booze!


Katie Degen says she has a long family history of relatives who have struggled with alcohol dependency, and when found her own drinking becoming heavier and more frequent, she knew something need to change.

She created “Sober Saturdayz,” an event planning company dedicated to holding outings at bars, restaurants, and more for those wanting to have fun, without the pressure to drink.  She also aims to get restaurants and bars around the city offer more non-alcoholic beverages, like non alcoholic beers, spirits, and wines, to make parties feel as close to the real thing as possible.

Here’s my chat with Katie:


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LISTEN: Introducing Boozeless Parties! This Edmonton Woman Launches a Group So You Can Have Sober Fun, Too!

Originally Aired: January 15, 2019

Katie says when she initially gave up drinking, she felt like she just had to “stay home and hermit all the time” but hopes that with Sober Saturdayz more people will be able to go out and still have fun.

She says the events are meant for not just people who are struggling with alcohol addiction, but anyone who just wants a change of pace from the seemingly constant drinking-only social outings.

You can learn more about Sober Saturdayz on their facebook group HERE.  


– Lauren Hunter