The new Canadian food guide was released this week, encouraging people to shift to a plant based diet.

And now in a shocking twist, there’s EVEN been a food guide released for Edmontonians!  Hear it below.


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LISTEN: New Edmonton Food Guide Encourages "Dart Based Diet"

Originally Aired: January 25, 2019

More about the new Canada food guide HERE.  


UPDATE: Low-Class Leduc memes created a hilarious “Alberta food pyramid” on Facebook that is absolute meme gold!  Kudos to this Alberta food pyramid – it inspired my own Edmonton Food Guide, and they deserve credit for the awesome idea.


I would have credited them sooner – but I had only seen the meme in passing in a comment on Facebook & had no idea where it had come from until now.  So shoutout to them for the great idea.


(The meme is NSFW though – so don’t let your kids see it okay? 😛 )



Give Low Class Leduc Memes a follow on Facebook – they post hilarious, satircal, (and sometimes NSFW – you’ve been warned!) original content that if you’re from Edmonton or Alberta, you’ll definitely get a kick out of.


– Lauren Hunter


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