Once a year, dozens of international ice carvers descend on Whyte Ave to create spectacular – and temporary – works of art!

Here are five reason why you need to check out Boardwalk Ice on Whyte this weekend.

1. It’s one of only three international ice carving competitions that take place in Canada. 

In addition to Canadian competitors, ice carving teams from Russia, China, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Latvia and more will be competing in this year’s competition.

2. Learn more about the art and science of ice carving. 

Did you know the ice carving process begins before the water is even frozen? According to the Ice on Whyte website, “Carving ice is made by a special process that freezes water from the bottom up in a Clinebell machine. This process allows the impurities to rise to the top and be trimmed off, resulting in a crystal clear block of ice. Each block of ice is 1M (40?) X .5M (20?) X .25M (10?) and weighs 135 KG (297 LBS).” Impressive.

3. Beer stew cook off. 

Last year the festival hosted a whiskey stew cook off, this year it’s beer! Warm your belly and your heart with boozey stews made of local ingredients at Situation Brewing. Get your tickets here.

4. L’il Chippers Ice Carving classes. 

Give your kids a chainsaw and let ’em at it! Just kidding, although that would be something to see. Professional ice carvers will be on hand to teach your youngsters the basics of ice carving. They even get to take their masterpiece home!

5. The Ice Bar. 

It’s an outdoor, sub-zero festival – of course there’s drinks! Cure the winter jitters with a beverage from local distillers and brewers! It’s the place to be in Old Strathcona this weekend.

Be at the festival this Saturday from noon to 4 to see SONiC Girl Dana’s Iron Throne be carved out of ice!


See you there!