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1. Houses – “Fast Talk”

Think you could fast talk your way out of death? Houses’ new song “Fast Talk” asked just that. The song marks the Chicago duo’s first new work since 2013.

2. Black Pistol Fire – “Level”

Former SONiC Field Day rockers Black Pistol Fire have a beefy new tune on their hands. In typical BPF fashion, the guitar is crunchy, the drums are fierce and the lyrics are telling. The song confronts an unfaithful relationship, with frontman Kevin McKeown crooning, “You’ve got a secret/ Ooh ooh no, I couldn’t keep it”.

3. Wintersleep – “Beneficiary”

Canadian alt-rock darlings Wintersleep are amping up to release their new album, In The Land Of, next month. The album is written from the percepective of a Canadian, and what it means to live in this country. The first single, “Beneficiary”, details the genocide of Indigenous peoples and Canadians’ modern relationships to it. In The Land Of is out March 29.

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