Have you seen this billboard?!?! A mystery Edmonton man appears to be proposing to a woman on a billboard spotted at Kingsway and 119th street here in the city.  Several SONiC listeners called in about the billboard – and listener Marc-Anthony Fiset just gave us confirmation that the billboard is real!

He sent in this picture to us. It appears a man named Mike D is proposing to a woman named Laurie M.  If anyone knows who the couple is – please email lauren@sonic1029.com or let us know on our SONiC Facebook page! I would love to chat with them & hear their story!!

Either way, it’s pretty adorable.  Marc chatted with me briefly about it!


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LISTEN: An Edmonton Man Just Proposed to Someone On a Billboard By Kingsway Mall!!!

Originally Aired: February 12, 2019

– Lauren Hunter