THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! Today is a special day as Alexisonfire have released their first new song in nearly a decade!! They have been doing the odd show the last few years, but finally hit us with a fresh track!!

The song is called “Familiar Drugs” and Dallas Green says was actually built from a guitar riff he come up with over 10 years ago. They finally found time to get together in studio and hash it out. The song is not off a new album, instead the band is just planning to release new songs whenever they finish them. There could even be a couple more coming later this year.

Dallas talks about how the song came to be, what is keeping the band going, and their plans for future music here:

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LISTEN: Dallas Green Calls Sonic To Unveil New Alexisonfire Song!!!

Originally Aired: February 15, 2019

A special vinyl pressing is available for pre-order. The band also announced 4 concert dates:
June 1 – London, UK
June 8 – New York, NY
June 13 – Los Angeles, CA
June 15 – Toronto

We’ll cross our fingers for another glorious return to Edmonton soon.

– Bryce

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