This was a bit surprising, as Hollerado have announced that they are done as a band….well, they will be.

They revealed that their next album will be their final one. It’ll be called “Retaliation Vacation” and be released June 7th. They will do a farewell tour that SHOULD (hopefully) include and Edmonton show. No details have been released for that tour, except their final show ever will be December 13th in Toronto.

The band says there is no hard feelings between band members, they say “We are all still best friends in the world and will cherish every second that we got to spend playing music together” and that simply “All adventures have an end and we feel that we have reached ours.”

They have released a song off this final album. Its called “One Last Time” and you can see the video here:

Check out their full statement:

– Bryce

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