In 1992, Nirvana performed one of their most iconic shows, for which Kurt Cobain donned a hospital gown.

Courtney Love gifted the gown to a guy at a vigil just days after Kurt’s death. 27 years later, he’s selling it.

“A few days after his death, there was a vigil for Cobain at the Seattle Center… About a dozen of us stayed long after the festivities ended. We sat in the Flag Pavilion listening to music… just hanging out among the candles and flowers fans had placed there earlier. Late that evening, Courtney Love showed up accompanied by Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland with a bag of Kurt’s clothes. She was visibly grief-stricken and proceeded to pass the clothes out while asking trivia about Kurt’s life… She handed me his hospital gown from the legendary Reading Festival performance from 1992. She then cried on my shoulder for a while. I tried to say something reassuring about his love for her and she pushed me away, insisting that he only loved Frances… The entire incident was sad. And weird. And it blew my teenage mind.”

The garment will be put up for auction by Boston-based auction house RR Auctions beginning March 14th, when it’s expected to fetch at least $50,000. Check out the item listing here.

Last year, Dave Grohl opened up about the iconic set saying, “I remember showing up to Reading ’92 and there being so many rumours that we weren’t going to play, that we had canceled. I walked backstage and some of my best friends in bands that were opening would see me and say, ‘What are you doing here?’ And I’d go, ‘We’re f*cking headlining!’ And they’d be like, ‘You’re actually going to play?!’ I didn’t realize there was any question that we were going to play.”

He added, “The show was a really reassuring, genuinely magical moment of everything coming together at the right time. I think we had practiced once, the day before, and I just didn’t know if we could pull it off …  it went great, but it’s sad that that’s the last time we ever played England, because it could have been better.”