Modest Mouse haven’t been up to much since they released Strangers To Ourselves in 2015, but it looks like that could all change – soon.

Fans have been recieving special packages from the band, sparking hope that new music is on the way. One fan who received mail reached out to Modest Mouse on Twitter asking “new album?” to which the band replied “new single”.

The puzzle came in a drawstring bag with directions that read “Assemble my insides to reveal the advertisement,” with another message that said, “‘Poison The Well’ will arrive 3.29.” Once completed, the puzzle shows an image of trippy mushrooms with the promise of a March 29 release date. The song will be a part of an exclusive Record Store Day release printed on a mint green triangular 45.

This isn’t the first time the band has sent out secret mail to fans. The band did the same with 2015’s “Lampshades on Fire”.

March 29 can’t come soon enough.