After 2 weeks and 101,000 total votes the Sonic boys and girls voted The Simpsons as the champion of the March Madness of Cartoons. A deserving winner with a rich history and massive list of characters.

To celebrate The Simpsons big win, we thought it would be fun to do a mini, accelerated March Madness to determine who is the best Simpsons character of all time.

After thousands of votes, we have a winner…..

YES! Congrats Ralph Wiggum. He is the best character on the best cartoon, according to the sonic boys and ladies.


Ralph Wiggum DEFEATS Homer Simpsons (52%-48%)

Homer DEFEATS Moe (70%-30%)
Ralph DEFEATS Bart (56%-44%)

Homer DEFEATS Flanders (75%-25%)
Moe DEFEATS Marge  (65%-35%)
Bart DEFEATS Milhouse (67%-33%)
Ralph DEFEATS Lisa (79%-21%)

Homer DEFEATS Nelson Muntz (89%-11%)
Ned Flanders DEFEATS Abe Simpson (73%-27%)
Marge Simpson DEFEATS Duffman (60%-40%)
Moe Szyslak DEFEATS Itchy & Scratchy (68%-32%)
Bart Simpson DEFEATS Groundskeeper Willy (70%-30%)
Milhouse DEFEATS Krusty The Clown (59%-41%)
Lisa Simpson DEFEATS Dr. Nick (64%-36%)
Ralph Wiggum DEFEATS Mr Burns (60%-40%)

Homer DEFEATS Principal Skinner (92%-8%)
Nelson DEFEATS Comic Book Guy (59%-41%)
Ned Flanders DEFEATS Smithers (82%-18%)
Abe Simpson DEFEATS Mayor Quimby (62%-38%)
Marge Simpson DEFEATS Kent Brockman (79%-21%)
Duffman DEFEATS Cletus (62%-38%)
Itchy & Scratchy DEFEATS Patty & Selma (67%-33%)
Moe Szyslak DEFEATS Barney Gumble (69%-31%)
Bart Simpson DEFEATS Sideshow Bob (84%-16%)
Groundskeeper Willy DEFEATS Otto (68%-32%)
Milhouse DEFEATS Apu (52%-48%)
Krusty DEFEATS Professor Frink (81%-19%)
Lisa Simpsons DEFEATS Maggie Simpson (64%-36%)
Dr. Nick DEFEATS Hans Moleman (67%-33%)
Ralph Wiggum DEFEATS Chief Wiggum (76%-24%)
Mr Burns DEFEATS Disco Stu (82%-18%)

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