Image from video by Ross Lockwood

UPDATE: At request from the listener, we removed the audio from the article.  The bullet points of her story were added in.

This is insane – we just found the identity of HAWAIIAN SHIRT GUY!!!

He’s the legendary Edmontonian who’s gone viral for taking down an alleged arsonist on Whyte Avenue this past weekend.  In the video that went viral, he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and helped tackle the arsonist and keep him pinned until police could get to the incident.


However despite MASSIVE efforts to track Hawaiian shirt down, no news outlet across the city has been able to know more about him!!! UNTIL…. now.


A SONiC listener called in to say she knew him, and shared what she knew about his story.  She said she shot wedding photos for him, and you’ll be happy to know he had a Hawaiian shirt on AT HIS WEDDING!!! Amazing.  She also said Hawaiian shirt guy was at an anniversary dinner with his wife when he saw the alleged arsonist in action, and he jumped out to help.  The listener joked that as Hawaiian shirt guy’s wife waited for her husband to return, “he took down an arsonist and she took down a bottle of wine”.  

She also added that Hawaiian shirt guy is shy and in shock of the media attention, that’s why he hasn’t stepped forward.  But we hope he knows he’s done a wonderful thing for the city and should definitely feel proud.

Edmontonians have since hailed Hawaiian shirt guy as a hero with multiple memes, and several businesses have also celebrated him with the Pint on whyte creating a shot in his honor & a local bakery offering free baked goods for anyone who wore a Hawaiian shirt.


What an absolute legend.

– Lauren Hunter