In 1994, Lisa Loeb’s Ethan Hawke-directed music video for “Stay (I Missed You) was all over MTV.

25 years later, the songstress has re-recorded her hit with Canadian indie pop rockers Walk Off The Earth.

According to Loeb, Walk Off The Earth initiated the remake of “Stay”, saying in a statement,

I love hearing covers of my song “Stay (I Missed You).” The song has always been important to me, so to hear that others connect with it so much that they want to record a cover of it, really means a lot to me. When Walk Off The Earth reached out to me about wanting to come up with their own version of “Stay (I Missed You),” I was thrilled, as I’ve been a fan of the mind-blowing arrangements I’ve seen and heard from them. They came up with a take on the song that’s unlike anything I could have come up with on my own, and I was just there to add a little personal connection back into it.

Walk Off The Earth added,

We’re so happy to be working with Lisa on this re-make of “Stay.” We knew that the song’s 25th anniversary was approaching and being fans, we wanted to do something special for it.

She was amazing to work with and was so open to our ideas.

We wanted to make the track different than the original but still keep the magic of it. We decided to go with a more organic acoustic instrumentation and add a little swing. Having four singers to showcase, we added a lot more vocal pads and harmonies to the production which definitely separates it from the original.