Meet Griffin Powell-Arcand! He’s an Edmonton actor who’s landed a role in a new Netflix series called “Chambers” with Uma freakin’ THURMAN!  So cool.  The series is a supernatural thriller about the story of a heart transplant survivor who receives a tainted heart, and it has been even called “Uma Thurman’s Stranger Things”!  So hey, it’s looking pretty great.

Griffin plays TJ Locklear who is the boyfriend of the main character Sasha (the heart transplant survivor).


I talked with Griffin about the show, meeting Uma Thurman, and what it’s like to rep Edmonton on Netflx!


LISTEN (here’s our whole chat!): 


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LISTEN: We Talk With the Edmonton Actor Who's in The New Netflix Series with Uma THURMAN!!!

Originally Aired: April 25, 2019


And here’s a shorter, condensed version of our chat on the radio (if you’re on the go)!  


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LISTEN: Griffin Powell-Arcand Talks Representing YEG in new Netflix Series "Chambers"!

Originally Aired: April 25, 2019


Check the Trailer for Chambers Here:

Griffin says he’s super excited to represent YEG in the show and says he hopes to inspire anyone that anything you put your mind to, you can do.  He says he had some dark times, but he took a leap of faith and now he’s in a pretty exciting place.  So he hopes to inspire both kids and anyone listening to believe in yourself!


Catch Griffin in action on Netflix’s Chambers when the show drops tomorrow – April 26th!


Congrats Griffin!!!


Check out his Facebook page, HERE. 


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