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This is hilarious – K-Days this year is attempting the Guinness World Record for BIGGEST “Baby Shark” Dance EVER!!  They’re even bringing in PinkFong – the people who sung the viral “Baby Shark” video that has over 2 BILLION VIEWS on Youtube!!!

I talked with Lindsay from K-Days about how this World Record is going down.


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LISTEN: This Year K-Days Is Attempting the World Record for Biggest "Baby Shark Dance" EVER

Originally Aired: May 9, 2019

If you want to take part, everyone is invited  – show up to K-Days at the South Stage July 21st at 3pm!  They even have applied for a license from Guiness & everything – so this is totally legit!!!!

They hope a few thousand people will head down – so rally the troops and let’s SHAKE SOME BOO-TAY!!

– Lauren Hunter