This is so cool – there’s a “Dog Food food truck” that roams the streets of Edmonton in a dog park near you!

Tangent’s Treats went viral on reddit Edmonton earlier today for their sweet food truck that was spotted in Hazeldean offleash park!  In fact, they’re one of the only food trucks in Canada that also offers food for your dog.

I managed to track down Ken of Tangent’s Treats, and he gave us the low down.   He explained that the food truck serves both people food AND doggie food!  So you can treat YOUR taste bud’s and your pooches!  Here’s the story behind how Tangent’s Treats got started:


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LISTEN: This is PAW-some - Edmonton Dog Parks Have a Dog Food Truck!!!!

Originally Aired: May 10, 2019

Ken says their food truck is often posted at Terwilligar dog park, Hazeldean, and the occasional other park here in the YEG area.

For more, you can visit their Facebook page or their website!

– Lauren Hunter