On June 1, 1999, Blink-182 unleashed their third studio album, Enema of the State. The album tackles maturity, sexual frustration and all the struggles that come with being a horny youth going up in the suburbs. As the album turns twenty, celebrate with twenty facts you may not have known about the band below.

1. Since its release, Enema of the State has sold over 15 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling pop punk albums of all time.

2. Due to its success, the band is credited for bringing pop punk into the mainstream.

3. The album was originally titled Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies. The band ultimately passed on the name, but still hid it within the CD case.

4. The title Enema of the State is a pun of the phrase “enemy of the state”.

5. Adult film actress Janine Lindemulder appears in a nursing outfit for the album’s iconic cover. She’s also featured in the music videos for “What’s My Age Again?” and “Man Overboard”.

6. The album was produced by Jerry Finn, best known for his work with Green Day, AFI, Sum 41, Alkaline Trio and Rancid. He was considered the band’s fourth member until his death in 2008.

7. It was the first Blink-182 album to feature Travis Barker. He replaced drummer Scott Raynor in 1998.

8. It was also the first album to include Tom DeLonge’s UFO conspiracies, specifically on the song “Aliens Exist”. The line “12 majestic lies” refers to the Majestic 12, an organization that’s rumoured to have investigated UFOs for the government.

9. At the time, Tom DeLonge acted as the band’s main lyricist. He wrote two songs, the ironic breakup song “Don’t Leave Me” and “Going Away to College”, in just 10 minutes each.

10. The entire album was written within two weeks.

11. “What’s My Age Again” was originally called “Peter Pan Complex”, referring to the song’s theme of not wanting to grow up.

12. “All the Small Things” was written by DeLonge as an ode to his then-girlfriend, now wife. Mark Hoppus met his future wife on the set of the song’s video.

Singer and musician Mark Hoppus, left, his wife Skye Everly, right, and their son Jack Hoppus arrive at the premiere of the animated feature film “Up” in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 16, 2009. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)


13. The line “She left me roses by the stairs/surprises let me know she cares” was based on a true story of DeLonge’s girlfriend leaving roses on the steps after he came home from a late night of recording.

14. The “nanana’s” in “All the Small Things” was inspired by the Ramones.

15. “Adam’s Song” was inspired by Hoppus’ loneliness. After returning home from the Dude Ranch tour, Hoppus fell into a depression after seeing that while he was single, his bandmates went home to their significant others. The song was partially inspired by a teen’s suicide note published in a magazine. “Adam’s Song” takes on the form of a suicide note.

16. The line “I took my time, I hurried up, The choice was mine, I didn’t think enough” is a play on Nirvana’s lyrics in “Come As You Are”, “Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don’t be late”.

17. Hoppus almost didn’t show the band the song, thinking it would be too dark and depressing. It was one of the last songs to be written and recorded for the album and almost didn’t make the cut.

18. The song’s piano was performed by Roger Joseph Manning, Jr., best known for his work with Beck.

19. Though the album boats 12 songs, it’s only 35:17 long.

20. Enema of the State is featured on countless lists from Rolling Stone, KerrangNME and more as one of the best pop punk albums of all time.

Blink-182 head out on tour with Lil’ Wayne this summer. Check out their nostalgic new song, “Blame It On My Youth”. 

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