This is shocking… 9 out of 10 Americans DON’T KNOW WHEN CANADA DAY IS!!!

In honour of our Nation’s holiday this July 1st, I decided to conduct a small study at the radio station and phoned 10 different Americans to see whether they knew when Canada Day was.  I thought, surely a few might know, perhaps a few might not, but I was shocked to learn that 9 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE I PHONED DID NOT KNOW WHEN CANADA DAY WAS!

In fact, some people didn’t even know what Canada Day WAS!!!


Here’s a compilation of the craziness that went down.


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LISTEN: New Study Suggests 9 out of 10 Americans Don't Know When Canada Day Is

Originally Aired: June 28, 2019

Don’t worry, we still love you America!  After all, you gave us McDonalds and Taco Bell <3

– Lauren Hunter
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