The O’Keefe Music Foundation is an American organization whose main goal is to provide children with the opportunity to professionally record music.

A group of teens and their 8-year-old singer were recently chosen to record a song. What song did they choose? Slipnot’s “Devil In I”. And yes, their 8-year-old singer Taylor Campbell sings it all. Check out the hilarious video below.


Lead Vocals – Taylor Campbell, age 8 (Ohio)
Drums -Nate Tharp, age 14 (Colorado)
Piano – Anna Imhoff, age 14 (Ohio)
Bass – Noah Williams, age 15 (Ohio)
Lead Guitar – Eli Dykstra, age 17 (Iowa)
Rhythm Guitar – Aiden Combs, age 17 (Ohio)
Backup Vocals – crowd of kids, ages 5 to 18