Meet Christina & Chase Padgett.  They’re the awesome Edmonton couple who got married in a wedding turned Fringe Fest play this weekend!


The couple wedded in front of 500 people in the Garneau Theatre – including family, friends, and even strangers who bought tickets to the show!  For 13 dollars, anyone was allowed to watch the couple wed in this fantastically Edmontonian wedding.

I chatted with Christina & Chase about what went down, and why they chose the Fringe to tie the knot!


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LISTEN: Meet the Edmonton Couple Who Got Married At the Fringe Fest this Weekend!

Originally Aired: August 27, 2019

Congrats to the happy couple, we wish them all the best, and as I hung up the phone they informed me they were up to even MORE fun – and headed to the Edmonton water park.  This may be the most Edmontonian & awesome wedding I’ve ever heard of.

Now I’m sad I didn’t buy tickets!!

– Lauren Hunter 


(Photos courtesy of Christina Padgett!)