Art and Jenny are a staple of Edmonton Radio – they’ve been on the air and in your ear for almost 10 years.


They banter, bicker, and tease each other like Morning Show radio hosts – in the Sherwood Park Toyota advertisements that have ran for YEARS on Edmonton radio.   So with it being National Radio Advertisement Day this week, we decided to learn the story of how the two colourful voices came to be on the Sherwood Park Toyota Ads – and who they are as people.  Jenny said she was a controller for Sherwood Park Toyota, and Art Angielski was part owner of the dealership when they decided to team up.


Hear their story:

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LISTEN: Learning the Story Behind Edmonton's Most Infamous Radio Ads - Meet Art & Jenny of Sherwood Park Toyota

Originally Aired: August 30, 2019


Art and Jenny added that they do get recognised by their voices here in Edmonton – with a woman at the Edmonton Airport even calling them out!


Jenny added that she has “been called every name in the book” for the way she teases Art – but she says “it’s not at act” (…as Art howls with laughter in the background).  It’s clear the two have great chemistry, and their ads and personalities have left their mark on Edmonton radio.


Learn more about Sherwood Park Toyota, here.  


– Lauren Hunter

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