As Tegan and Sara promote their upcoming memoir High School, the sisters are discussing their past drug use and how it an be a taboo subject for women to discuss.

Sara told the Guardian, “Tegan and I were really into acid. I didn’t want to sanitise or dumb down our experiences because we were afraid that people would say, ‘Oh, this is a bad influence,’ like: ‘Tegan and Sara are making acid seem cool.’ No, it was my experience. I’m almost 40 years old, I haven’t done acid in 20 years, but I also think that the stigmatisation of drugs is unhealthy because we’re a society that is obsessed with alcohol.”

Tegan added, “We never, ever talk about women and drug use positively. It’s men who often write about psychedelics and science and mental health. Rock stars always have some sort of proximity to drug use, but the only time we ever hear about women and drug use is, like, Amy Winehouse and Courtney Love, and it’s a warning.”

Tegan and Sara will released their memoir on September 24 followed by their new album Hey, I’m Just Like You on September 27. Catch them at the Myer Horowitz next month.