When future bandmates Brendan Benson and Jack White first met in the early 1990’s, White didn’t exactly make the best impression.

“We were standing in a room and I was showing him all my stuff, you know, I was kind of showing off all my crap — guitars and amps,” Benson told the podcast Striped: The Story of the White Stripes, “He was smoking a cigarette and he looked around — for an ashtray, I guess, now — but he didn’t find one, so he kind of ashed on the table. I was just like… shocked.”

His full story can be heard over on RollingStone.com. White saw Benson’s horror and quickly cleaned up the mess. “That was just Jack”, Benson recalled.

Striped: The Story of the White Stripes, a podcast from Third Man Records and Misfire. The upcoming first season will focus on the band’s origins in Detroit, Michigan as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album.

The Raconteurs’ first album in over a decade, Help Us Stranger, is out now.