Comedian Jim Jefferies’ tackled the Edmonton Eskimo’s naming controversy on his show this week, and it was met with unanimous praise. The video explored the issue from all sides, ultimately deciding that Canadians are reasonable people who seemed to have handled this controversy very appropriately.

We tracked down one of the Edmonton Eskimos fans interviewed in the video, Matthew, to see what it was like to meet a HUGE comedian like Jim Jefferies & to be interviewed for the show.



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LISTEN: We Talked to This Edmontonian Featured in Jim Jefferies' Hilarious Segment About the Edmonton Eskimos

Originally Aired: September 25, 2019

*EDITOR’S NOTE: We accidentally said Mike on air – but mean to say MATT!  Sorry Matt! 😛 


Matthew also added that their interview was filmed over a year ago in July, and that he’s not even sure how Jefferies’ team decided to track him down – however he just one day received a call from a producer of the show on his phone.


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– Lauren Hunter

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