Cold War Kids have finally announced the release date of their new album, or should we say, albums!

The first of an upcoming trilogy, New Age Norms 1 is out November 1. The albums will each boast eight songs and reflect on many things, including the current political climate.

Frontman Nathan Willet explained in a statement, “Last summer we were on tour when Kanye was putting out his new records. Pusha T, Kids See Ghosts, Nas, etc. They were eight songs each. It was so fun waking up to these brand new records and taking them in as a whole while hanging out, working out, talking shit, pushing each other. I knew then I wanted our next release to be three volumes – eight songs each. Without the baggage and hoopla of a full record/tour/concept – more spread out – loose and inspired. Make it feel like you are listening to music that was made the night before. New Age Norms is a phrase Maust had written on a tee shirt. It seemed to summarize this moment we are in as a band and as a country. More on that later…”

The band shared a new song called “Waiting For Your Love”, a song about finally finding the person you’re meant to be with.

New Age Norms 1 is out November 1.