Teen phenomenon Billie Eilish visited Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville to record a straight-to-acetate set.

Billie and her brother Finneas performed the secret, invite-only show Wednesday night. The eleven-song set included “Bury A Friend”, “Bad Guy”, “Ocean Eyes” and “I Love You”.

Being 17, Billie had never recorded in that way and was blown away by the process. “Do you see that? They’re like making my voice onto a thing. Like right now! That’s crazy.”

Jack White introduced the brother and sister, describing Billie “as someone we really love, and we think is really innovative and inspiring.”

Billie later thanked White for “inspiring a whole generation of people to do what they want.”

According to Third Man Records, the live album will be available in December at the label’s retail locations in Nashville and Detriot. No word yet on a mass pressing.