Goody Grace is a 22-year-old artist hailing from Selkirk, Manitoba, a small town north of Winnipeg boasting a population of about 8000 people. When he was just 17, the rocker decided to leave Selkirk and headed to Los Angeles where he couch surfed for nearly two years.

During that time, Grace was busy writing, recording, producing and performing music. He not only worked on his own music but fellow musicians’ as well. After uploading his work to SoundCloud, he received the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to perform with Blink 182 in Los Angeles.

How the hell did that happen? Well, Travis Barker stumbled upon Grace’s music online and became a fan. While touring, Blink had made a commitment to inviting lesser-known artists on stage with them so when Barker reached out to Grace, it was a no brainer.

Following the performance, Grace and Barker stayed in contact and continued to talk about their music. Grace says that Barker has been a “great life mentor” to him and has even drummed on his upcoming album. No release date has been announced, but he did release a song featuring the entire band. Take a listen to “Scumbag” below.

Selkirk filmed his solo parts of the video in his hometown of Selkirk.

Discover more music from Goody Grace below.

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