Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has confirmed his long awaited solo debut. Entitled Earth, it arrives on April 17 under the name EOB. Take a listen to the single “Shagri-La” below.

O’Brien also shared the title track.

In a statement, O’Brien said, “Here’s the album.. thank you for waiting .. it’s called Earth and it’s coming out on April 17 in time for Summer. Thank you to all the incredible musicians who helped me and the people who put it together in the studio.. it was a proper journey getting here.. Recorded in Wales and London.. Phew we made it!!”

Earth track listing:

  1. Shangri-La
  2.  Brasil
  3. Deep Days
  4. Long Time Coming
  5. Mass
  6. Banksters
  7. Sail On
  8. Olympik
  9. Cloak of the Night


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