On Tuesday, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas stopped by BBC Breakfast before debuting their new James Bond theme “No Time To Die” at the BRIT Awards. The duo discussed how they wrote the theme, their newfound fame and why Eilish now stays away from the internet.

When asked how life is, Eilish responded by saying “It’s a very surreal thing, our lives as a whole, but we’re very grateful for it.”

Finneas went on to tell host Louise Minchin that the pair recorded the theme in an unlikely place. “We wrote and recorded the Bond song on a tour bus in Texas. We did certain songs on the album in hotel rooms. You know, that’s kind of always been our philosophy: not letting the place that we are get in the way of making great music.”

Although Eilish admitted to having “an intense amount of writers’ block as soon as [they] were called to action”, they wrote the song in just three short days.

Commenting on her fame, Eilish admitted to removing herself from the Internet, saying that she has “fully” stopped reading comments on Instagram. “It’s weird; the cooler the things you get to do, the more people hate you. It’s crazy.”

“It’s like way worse than it’s ever been right now.…I mean, it’s insane that I even have been reading comments up until this point. I should have stopped long ago. It’s just the problem that I’ve always wanted to stay in touch with the fans and, like, keep talking to them, and people have ruined that for me. And for them. They’ve ruined it for them, and that sucks. I still try to like fans’ posts or whatever.”

She concluded by saying, “The internet is ruining my life so I turned it off”.

Watch Eilish, FINNEAS, Hans Zimmer and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr perform “No Time To Die” for the first time below.

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