HOT DOG, no one’s a wiener in THIS situation!!! (…Except maybe humour.)


A Canadian man’s Kijiji “ad” went viral today after advertising he was selling 2 Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobiles for $12,000.  The ad was posted last night, and quickly picked up steam on social media – getting over 10,000 views on Kijiji at the time of writing! HOWEVER – that’s not the WHOLE story.  If you look closely at the ad – it seems fairly legit – until you read the kilometers on the car… “69,000”.


So we managed to track down Mathew, the seller, and find out the whole story…. and it’s DEFINITELY not what you think. Apparently Mathew got in a fight with a random stranger online, the man found Mat’s phone number – and created this Kijiji ad as a prank!!! That is next level trolling!!


LISTEN to what happened here:


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Lauren Hunter

"It's the WURST"! Man Goes Viral for "Selling 2 Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobiles", Says A Troll Made the Ad to Prank Him!

Originally Aired: February 27, 2020


Mathew admitted it’s a good lesson in making sure you change your privacy settings on your Facebook.  No privacy, It’s the WURST!!!


The original ad for the wiener mobile reads:


The company in charge of operating these vehicles has gone bankrupt. Parent company of oscer mayer canada has commissioned us to sell these wienermobile . any logo will be removed before vehicle is picked up. Local calgary pick up only. No emails please call matt ANYTIME at 587XXXXXXX and ask about the big wiener for sale. NO THE PEANUT IS NOT FOR SALE ! STOP ASKING