On March 13, 1995, Radiohead unleashed their second studio album The Bends into the world. Twenty five years later, rediscover the music of your past below.

1. The album was initially titled The Benz before frontman Thom Yorke decided against the wordplay.

2. “The Bends” is a term used by scuba divers for decompression sickness. It occurs when a diver surfaces too quickly and gases are released within the body.

3. Thom Yorke wrote the album’s lead single “My Iron Lung” the day Radiohead was forced out of their Reading & Leeds performance due to Yorke’s illness.

4. Before each recording session, Yorke would have a four hour piano practice.

5. “Just” is the result of a competition between Yorke and guitarist Johnny Greenwood to “get as many chords as possible into a song”.

6. The iconic album artwork was created by Stanley Donwood. He has done all of their artwork since.

7. Yorke suffered from writer’s block while writing “Fake Plastic Trees”. He ended up taking a break and going to a Jeff Buckley show. Upon returning home, Yorke burst into tears and completed the song.

8. “Planet Telex” was originally entitled “Planet Xerox” until they were threated with a copyright suit.

9. “Sulk” was the last song finished for the album. Yorke was concerned that the original lyric “Just shoot your gun” would seem like the band was “cashing in” on Kurt Cobain’s death. Yorke ultimately changed the lyric to “Just like your dad, you’ll never change”.

10. Although its gone onto become on of their biggest songs, Yorke detested “High and Dry” at first, saying it was “not bad…very bad” and “f**king dreadful”. The only reason the track was included was because their label thought it would do well commercially.

Rock out and celebrate the album’s anniversary below.


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