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Meet Cara Lianne McLeod, a professional singer who decided to spread cheer by serenading Edmontonians from her apartment balcony!  Cara is a professional singer who sings with the Edmonton Opera, and felt inspired by Italians who had done the same in recent weeks. The trend was started a few weeks ago – when Italians went viral for singing & playing music for each other in their apartment complexes during the COVID-19 lockdown in the country.


Cara posted a video to her Facebook page that caught the delight of the internet.  In fact, Cara said many neighbors in her apartment complex even took a moment to stop and view the performance (from a safe social distance, of course) & have been encouraging her to do more!


Lauren Hunter got a chance to chat with Cara to learn more, and she even sang some BILLIE EILISH for us on the radio!!!  LISTEN:


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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: This Edmonton Opera Singer Has Gone Viral For Beautifully Serenading YEG From Her Balcony!

Originally Aired: March 23, 2020


Some of the songs Cara sung in her first performance include “Imagine”, “Over the Rainbow” as well as an operatic piece. Cara said she’s started getting requests for other more unique tracks – hilariously, she even received one to sing Drake!


Cara said she hopes to sing off her balcony again – and plans to post videos to her professional page HERE- Cara Lianne McLeod.


Love the cheer spread during these crazy times – awesome work Cara!


-Lauren Hunter