You can still help Food Banks Canada while staying in isolation, it’s time for us to step up to the plate and donate.

With recent events, CVOID-19 has made quite an economic impact, we’re all living in uncertain times. However, lots of Canadians- including children- are facing the fear of not knowing when, where, how, or even if, they’ll get their next meal. Food Banks across Canada right now are concerned about not having enough supplies to meet the high demand, many only having enough food for the next 2 weeks. With social distancing, we’ve all had to change our routines in one way or another. With Food Banks there simply isn’t enough manpower to intake, sort or deliver donations, but they are encouraging people to donate money. Food Banks Canada has announced that their new goal is to raise $150 million to fund the public’s need for food in the next 90 days.


Help by donating online here. You can fill in any amount you’d like, every bit helps the COVID-19 Response Fund.

Rogers has partnered with Food Banks Canada and is donating a million meals to Canadians.