It’s Canadian Kindness at it’s finest:  Caremongering groups have been popping up around the country – where people come together to form networks to support their communities.  This includes helping individuals who are stuck at home, people who might need help financially, or just spreading cheer and positivity!


In fact, a Caremongering group has started here in Edmonton – and it’s helmed by someone ALREADY giving back a lot – a fellow nurse, Jessica L’abbé!


Lauren Hunter chatted with Jessica about how their Caremongering group has been able to help: LISTEN: 

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Lauren Hunter

This YEG Caremongering Group Is Spreading Cheer & Helping People in Need Get Groceries!

Originally Aired: March 26, 2020

Jessica said in the group people have been offering to volunteer to help their neighbors.  One particularly powerful story she noted involved some volunteers who connected with a Calgarian that. couldn’t leave her house for medical reasons.  Members of the group helped purchase her groceries – and even dropped them off on her door step!


Jessica encouraged people to continue the caremongering trend – by creating smaller groups within their own communities to support neighbors close to them!  She also said there is a app called “Next Door” that connects you with people who are on the app in your neighborhood –  where members can post what they have or what they need!


You can sign up for the YEG Caremongering group HERE. 


Awesome work to Jessica & ALL of the volunteers and cheer spreaders on the page.


Nice job, Edmonton!


– Lauren Hunter