Since Dan Mangan may be forced to postpone the recording session he had planned for June, he has decided to release a new song acoustically on Facebook!


He stated, “In the climate of the moment, recording an album feels a long way away and I didn’t want to wait to have this son in the world.”


The song is called “Soapbox”.


In the climate of the moment, recording an album feels a long way away and I didn’t want to wait to have this song in the world…Damn the guessersDamn the lieDamn all the pretendersDamn all the reasons why.Why they peddle the impending Why they can’t be given lightThe hall of mirrors keeps on reflecting And the illusion multiplies.Meanwhile they focus on division The meanest trick the devil pulledThe sheep believe the road to freedomWas provided by the wolf.And so the pendulum keeps swingingBut the arc, it takes a whileJust long enough for some forgettingTo bring the bad stuff back in style .And they always talk of JesusWithout a hint of irony But they see kindness as a weaknessAnd they disregard the meek.So buy your groceries at the box storeAnd keep your head down in the line They want you hungry so you’ll want moreThey want you lonely so you’re quiet.So go on and batten down the hatchesTurn to whoever it is that you turnThe lunatics have found the matchesAnd they want to see it burn.See I’ve been yelling ‘bout forgivenessI’ve been all “turn the other cheek”But now I fear there is a sicknessThere’s something rotten in the seeds.So can a society have cancer?And if so, who will lead this dance?If we could have just one good answerMaybe then we’d have a chance Maybe then we’d have a chance.But I’m still waking up in DenverStill waking up in Inverness I am reminded to rememberThere is still beauty in the mess.There are those who take in strangers I suppose the kindness sets them freeThere are those who leave a light onIn case another needs to see

Posted by Dan Mangan on Friday, March 27, 2020


Dan was booked to play in Edmonton on April 9th for his “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” 10th Anniversary Tour at the Winspear Center but has since rescheduled the show for September 23rd, 2020.



Tickets for the September show can be found here.


Along with the latest song debut on Facebook, Dan has been playing “#Quarantunes” every Saturday to raise money for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank!


The full story and a link to purchase tickets to the stream can be found here!