We live in weird times. You already knew that. But things have gotten so much stranger.

Tiger King has been a smash hit on Netflix. Its a wild (true) story of a zoo owner (Joe Exotic) trying to kill an animal rights activist (Carole Baskin). To make it extra spicy, there is a theory that Carole may have killed her ex and fed him to tigers. Its a roller coaster.

Among the gold in the series is that Joe Exotic (who is in jail) had a music career. He apparently didn’t write or sing the songs…but did release them under his name and made music videos for them. This includes a song called “Here Kitty Kitty” which is all about Baskin and whether she did or did not kill her husband

Amazing. To make this even better The Offspring have now released a cover of that song!! They said “We are going a little stir crazy these days & wanted to do something fun to put a smile on our faces & hopefully on some of yours too. Here Kitty Kitty was originally by the Clinton Johnson band & *not* by anyone in that recent doc we all got caught up in.

It actually sounds pretty good. They have masks on and are distanced from each other. Watch this magic.

What a world
– Bryce

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