Holy crap… DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!?! ( …With Will Ferrell?!)


We were chatting on SONiC this week with listeners that share the same names as famous people.  A woman called in saying she heard about a chiropractor in the city that shares the SAME name as comedian Will Ferrell!


Well lo and behold, after that conversation, THE Dr. Will Ferrell himself called in to chat with us!  Except, there is ONE slight difference in his name – it’s actually spelled Dr. Will FARRELL (but, pretty darn close and – pronounced the same).


Will explained all the entertaining stories he has from patients cracking jokes about his name, and frankly, it was as hilarious as talking with the comedian himself!  We even thought Will’s name was so cool, we made him his own radio ad.  LISTEN:


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Lauren Hunter

"I'M IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!" There's a Man Named "Will Ferrell" That Lives in Edmonton & Works as a Chiropractor!!!

Originally Aired: April 23, 2020


Maybe one day Will Farrell will even meet Will Farrell!  That would be fantastic.


You can learn more about Dr. Will’s chiropractic practice HERE.

– Lauren Hunter


(PS—- the chiropractor pictured above ISN’T Will Farrell, it’s just a stock image as we couldn’t find a pic of Will online. But if you want to see him, go book an appointment & meet him yourself in person!! 😛 )