Weezer just released another new song off their upcoming “Van Weezer” album called “Hero”.

Earlier this week the band teased on Twitter that they’d be releasing “Hero” May 6th, and well today’s the day. The song is a tribute to frontline workers and in honor of them, the band has teamed up with Postmates to support healthcare heroes caring for COVID-19 patients. Tonight, they are sending nurses at LA’s Good Samaritan Hospital meals during their breaks thanks with the help of  Feed Hero Nurses, a volunteer-run organization in partnership with Random Acts that is dedicated to providing meals to nurses on the frontlines.

Along with the link to the music video, the band also tweeted this thank you note.

The music video starts with Rivers Cuomo writing this thank you note, then it’s passed from person to person as the song is played. The description of the video reads:

“This one is for the stay at home dreamers, the zoom graduators, the sourdough bakers, and the essential workers.”

As promised the song is full of guitar, inspired by some of the band member’s influences; Rush, KISS, Black Sabbath and of coarse Van Halen, hence the title of their upcoming album “Van Weezer”. The album was originally supposed to be released May 15th but unfortunately was pushed back due to recent events. A new release date will be announced soon.

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