July Talk has given us yet another new jam, “Identical Love”.

It’s another new song off their forthcoming album Pray For It, which will be released on July 10th. Peter Dreimanis told Consequence of Sound this, about how the song came to be:

“I remember hearing a Nirvana story that Krist Novoselic had a habit of buying Kurt a guitar whenever he was too strung out to be bringing new songs to the band. I guess he would immediately write like ten songs, the minute he was holding that new instrument. I agree that something about holding a new guitar in your hands seems to push some inner button in your soul. Opens you up or something…”

“This song came to me the day I bought a new guitar in Brooklyn in the summer of 2018. I couldn’t stop singing these words over and over as I strummed the old second hand strings. I love everything about my partner, including the fact she isn’t straight, and this was a time where we had decided it was important to honour that queerness in our relationship. It was a time when we started to realize that the shape of our love could transform in whatever way we wanted it to. It had grown strong enough to be challenged,”


You can read more about the other songs released so far, HERE.

Track list for the new album:

  1. Identical Love
  2. Good Enough
  3. Life of the Party
  4. Pretender
  5. Pay For It
  6. Champagne
  7. Friend of Mine
  8. The News
  9. Governess Shadow
  10. See You Thru
  11. Still Sacred