“Say thank you in style, with a heart and a smile”.

Our frontline warriors continue to have our backs, so it’s time to have theirs! That’s why Rogers Sports & Media is launching Hearts and Smiles, an initiative to thank and applaud healthcare workers during COVID-19.

Today is International Nurses Day, but this campaign is in recognition of all the frontline healthcare workers, who’ve been working extra hard these past couple months.

To show your support you can buy a t-shirt, a t-shirt with a mask or a 10-pack of masks HERE!


You can purchase a t-shirt ($30), a t-shirt & mask combo ($40) or a 10-pack of masks for $90.


The proceeds go to The Frontline Fund which is a charity that supports over 150 hospital foundations in Canada, battling COVID-19. The Frontline Fund provides supplies and support for healthcare professionals who put themselves ahead of others to ensure our safety and well-being. They also focus on research on clinical drug trials and vaccine development.

Feel free to share your shirt, mask, or message on social media with the hashtag #HeartsandSmiles.

All of the orders will be processed the same day and everything is available while supplies last.