(Pic cred to Edmonton Cat Fest!)

It’s the purr-fect place to be for cat lovers:  The Edmonton International Cat Festival is going ONLINE this year so you can watch kitties, with your kitties, as you raise MONEY for kitties!!! Win Win.


The 7 hour online live stream takes place Saturday, May 30th – a “Caturday” according to fest founder & Edmonton blogger extraordinaire Linda Hoang Plus, tickets are only 10 dollars and 100% of proceeds go to support animal shelters here in the city! These include Little Cats Lost, SCARS Second Chance Animal Rescue, and ARTS Senior Animal Rescue!  In years past, the festival has helped raise over $112,000 for animal rescues in YEG!  That’s pretty paw-some!

We chatted with Festival Founder Linda about the Cat Fest in all it’s glory in a 2 part chat.  She explained what to expect, and why being a cat fest founder has led people to having very (hilarious) encounters with her in the streets. LISTEN: 

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LISTEN: A Chat with Linda Hoang, Founder of The Paw-Some Edmonton International CAT FESTIVAL!!!!

Originally Aired: May 15, 2020

All you need for this year’s fest to join is a computer – and the 7 hour live stream will feature tons of fur -friendly activities, including Cat Yoga, learning to make Cat Treats & Cat Toys, “Meow-sic” from Local Musicians.  Plus, the fest will feature an appearance from cat CELEBRITY Gary (who has over 200,000 Instagram followers – holy smokes)!  Gary is an outdoorsy boy, and there will be a live stream of him kayaking through the ACTUAL Rocky Mountains (or Rocky Meown-tains as the fest likes to call them)!  Watching a cat kayak in the mountains?!  I’m in!


And hey if you love cats but have cat allergies, THIS event is for you!!!  Being online, it’s the first ever Hypo-allergenic cat fest – who knew?!  Haha.


Learn more & get tickets to the Edmonton International Cat Festival HERE!!!


– Lauren Hunter
Weekdays 4pm – 8pm on SONiC 

Here’s pics of Gary the Adventure cat: