Back in March, Dropkick Murphys did a live online show for St. Patrick’s Day – now they’re doing another one, with a special guest.

Their last online concert was pretty successful and had over 13 million viewers. $60,000 was raised during the broadcast and proceeds went to a nonprofit called the Boston Resiliency Fund.

This time the show will be out of Fenway Park and will virtually feature Bruce Springsteen. The concert, Streaming Outta Fenway, will take place Friday, May 29th at 4 p.m., Edmonton time. The show is free but donations are encouraged. Proceeds will go to the Boston Resiliency Fund, Habitat For Humanity and Feeding America.

A recent press release stated that this is the one and only time a band has played on the baseball diamond:

“the infield dirt is considered ‘sacred ground’ to baseball fans, but with the baseball season on hold because of COVID-19, an exception has been made for the beloved Boston band.”

They’re also the first band to play a show in any completely empty sports stadium.

You can find more information HERE.