In honor of her father, Lily Silver announces “Mind Wide Open”.

This week made three years since Chris Cornell took his own life. His daughter is now launching “Mind Wide Open”, a new interview podcast series for raising awareness for mental health, in honor of him. As she says in the description below, the podcast will have many guests from public figures to mental health professionals.


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I want to take the opportunity today to announce that I am launching a mental health focused interview series on Instagram: Mind Wide Open. Guests will include mental health professionals, public figures, peers, and others who will share their stories and struggles, as well as provide knowledge and insight. My goal for this project is simple: to help normalize the open discussion of mental health. Now more than ever, people are struggling with mental wellness as well as the collective trauma, stress, loss, and grief triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. As with all societal issues, this is an intersectional one. Marginalized groups so often disproportionately struggle with mental health and are denied resources. I have been privileged to receive the care that I need, but this is an uncommon experience. This pandemic highlights how few resources are widely available. I want to create a dedicated space that prioritizes mental and emotional balance and allows for candid, unapologetic discussions. I am launching today in honor of my dad, who passed away three years ago on this date. We often talked about our experiences with anxiety and depression, and mental health was something that he struggled with throughout his life. Through him, I learned how important it is to have someone who understands your darkness, validates your experiences, and gives you comfort. Losing my dad ripped a hole in my heart, and the grief and trauma that has followed comes with its own set of struggles. Through my experiences, I have become more aware of the stigma that surrounds discussing mental health and grief related issues. I want to use my platform to do what I can to create change around this stigma. I want all of us to have a safe place to open our minds and wear our hearts on our sleeves. Thank you for all of your love and support, today and every day. My first guest is author and trauma expert, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, founder and director of the Trauma Stewardship Institute. Please stay tuned for more information regarding date/time, how to access the interview, and future guests! Graphic by @raeraeyay, I love you

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Lily is one of Chris Cornell’s three kids. His 15-year-old daughter Toni has recently posted a cover of “Hunger Strike” in her dad’s home studio to raise funds for COVID-19 relief.

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