Dave Grohl recently confirmed that he plans to write his own memoir.

When interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about if he’d one day release a memoir, Dave Grohl had this to say

Oh, absolutely. You know, years ago I was at a barbecue and I met a book agent, and he said, ‘Have you ever considered writing a book?’ and I said, ‘Well, of course, someday.’ And he said, ‘It’s really easy – you’ll do four or five hours of interviews and someone else will write it in your voice and it will be great.’ And I thought, ‘F**k that!’ I come from a family of writers, and granted I’m a black sheep but I’m not that bad, my God. So I figured you know if I were to ever write a book, it would be in my hand. I’ve considered it for f***in’ years but A, I never had the time, and B, I never felt like I was ready because every day something happens that I’d love to write about, and I’d hate to write sort of a typical autobiography. So years ago I thought, “Well maybe it will just a collection of anecdotes — maybe instead of it just being my life in 300 pages it could be just funny stories.””


Funny stories are been something Dave Grohl has been giving us with his recent Instagram page “davestruestories”.

Writing on this page has been a project to spark joy in the rockstar’s life to distract from recent events.

This year was the 25th anniversary of the Foo Fighters as a band.

“There was a documentary, there was another secret project that we were so excited about, there was a tour, there’s a new album, we made a video… I mean, all of these things are just waiting to be released, and I was really looking forward to all of them to come out together for the anniversary.”

For now he’s focusing on being a family man during the pandemic, but when it’s all over we might get some more Foo Fighters news.

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