Canadian rock duo Japandroids have announced their first ever live album. Titled Massey Fucking Hall, the album arrives digitally on June 19 and on vinyl on October 2.

Recorded at Toronto’s iconic music venue, the album includes 12 songs spanning across the band’s three albums. Watch their performance of “Heart Sweats” below.

“We never thought we’d have the opportunity to play at Massey Hall,” drummer David Prowse said in a statement. “Honestly, when we got off the stage that night, I remember feeling a sense of relief and exhilaration, but the whole thing felt like a bit of a blur. It was a very emotional show for me. We were both pretty nervous getting up on that stage.”

The band was forced to halt their tour due to COVID-19 and hope that the album can bring a sense of “solace” to those yearning for live music. “They can hear the crowd and listen to us having the time of our lives at a historic venue and maybe that makes life a little easier for a minute, and reminds them that those moments will happen again down the road,” Prowse said.

Pre-order Massey Fucking Hall here.