Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance posted a statement urging fans to continue to learn about the movement, Black Lives Matter.

In the statement, he acknowledges the time he took to collect his thoughts in order to properly speak up in solidarity with the movement. He vows to “further educate” himself and encouraged fans to do the same with including a link to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, for donations and more information.

You can read his full statement below:


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I could start by saying I have needed time to think, to explain away the days of silence. ? ? I could say there are no words, or that I don’t know how to begin. But not knowing where to begin is a bad way to begin, and days of thinking are a luxury. ? ? Having the time, and more importantly the safety, to consider ones words is a privilege for me, along with many other privileges I possess due to the color of my skin. And these are privileges not everyone benefits from. There is not much time to think, surely not days, when the knee is on your neck. When the bullets penetrate, or the tear gas finds its mark. When generations of enabled systematic oppression, and its guardians, work against you. When opportunities are not afforded to you because of who you were born to be. ? ? I have always considered myself empathetic, it is one of the reasons I believe I am able to do my job. But in all the pain I have received, I will never begin to know the pain you know. I could never feel the pain you feel. ? ? And I am so deeply sorry things have not changed. ? I cannot begin to understand your experience, but what I can do is stand by you. Continue the internal discussions we are having about ways to affect change in non-performative ways. Meaningful ways beyond this moment, beyond this gesture.? ? And this is a moment, like many moments before this and the countless lives lost. I will open my heart, to receive what you have to give— anger, frustration, sadness, but in doing so, I know I will never be able to fully understand it the way you do, and surely not experience it. I can only open up to you, and accept what you have to give.? ? Grateful for your kindness, your honesty, and the knowledge you have shared that I will further educate myself with. I am, and will remain, inspired by your rage.? ? For information or if you are able to donate, this is a great place for that: ? ? ?

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