Another album has been released as part of John Frusciante’s solo project, Trickfinger.

Back in March, he released an EP called Look Down, See Us under the alias Trickfinger. His solo albums are being released under a label called Evar Records, which was founded by John Frusciante and his girlfriend Marcia Pinna. Today he’s dropped his third album as Trickfinger, called She Smiles Because She Presses the Button.  A statement from his label says:

“For years now, Frusciante has immersed himself in machines, learning tracker programs, synths and drum machines inside and out, applying the same, tireless approach he’s exhibited throughout his career. On She Smiles Because She Presses the Button, this period of intense study leads intense creative liberation.”

You can listen to it below:

You can check out his EP Look Down, See Us, here.

Since he’s re-joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they’ve also been working on writing a new album. However, no information on a release date has been announced yet.