SONiC 102.9 believes in equality for all.

With racial inequality, hatred, and discrimination still so prevalent, we as a society must do better. We have a unique responsibility to engage Canadians in conversation and help be a catalyst for positive change by amplifying voices that have not always been heard with equal measure.

Canada has systemic inequalities, and we must firmly embrace inclusion and equality as it will lead to a stronger and more united society for future generations.


Join SONiC and #SpeakUp against racism, discrimination, and social injustice.


Young the Giant, Hotel Mira, Tanya Tagaq, City and Colour, Arkells, and Queens of the Stone Age are just some SONiC artists to #SpeakUp.


Young the Giant


Hotel Mira


Tanya Tagaq

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#Repost @grassrootslaw with @get_repost ??? Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 years old today. ? Just 3 months ago, Breonna was an essential worker – an EMT working at two hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. That was before Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove burst into to Breonna’s home as she slept and shot and killed her. ? These officers ARE STILL on administrative leave. ? ? We are so grateful to everyone who made phone calls this week, asking Louisville city council safety committee to advance legislation banning no-knock raids, which is how Breonna was killed. WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO. ? Here are you action steps; TODAY, on what would have been her 27th birthday, we will honor Breonna by saying her name. Making sure her life, her story are not forgotten. Share videos saying her name and don’t forget to use the hashtags #SayherName #StandwithBre #BreonnaTaylor ? MAKE A CALL On June 11th, the entire city council must vote to pass Breonna’s Law to effectively ban No Knock Raids. Call 502-735-1784 to ask that city council vote to PASS BREONNA’S LAW ? SIGN YOUR NAME on the super petition at to demand that the officers be charged for murdering Breonna ? We will not forget your name, Bre. We will not stop fighting for you. We WILL get justice ? #SayherName #StandwithBre #JusticeforBreonna #BreonnaTaylor

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City and Colour

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This face. The sadness that fills my heart when I think that someone could look at THIS FACE and hate it, simply because it’s a different colour than their own is immense. It could fill the Grand Canyon. Now, I’m not writing this for me. I’m well aware that I am a 40 year old, straight, white man…from Canada and successful. So go fuck myself. I get it and I will. But first, I’m writing this for her. This is my niece. My beautiful, vibrant, talented, full of life niece. My only niece. I’m writing this for her so that I can look her in the eyes next time I see her and feel like I stood up for her in some way. I’m writing this for my sister who has to explain to her daughter that people might treat her differently because dad is one colour and momma is another. Im writing this for my brother In law who has to worry about himself and his family. I can not believe that we still live in a world where this matters. (I say world because I’m not just speaking exclusively about America. Canada has its own demons to deal with) But how can we not have evolved past this point? There are so many more important matters at hand that we could be uniting as a human race to conquer yet still…ignorance, hatred, RACISM runs rampant. If you disagree with me and want to take the whole “shut up and sing” approach, feel free. But I say what I feel In my music. So if this is surprising to you, you weren’t listening In the first place. If you agree please speak up and donate where you can:  @naacp_ldf @reclaimtheblock @blackvisionscollective @blklivesmatter  @mnfreedomfund @aclu_nationwide @yourrightscamp. Every little bit helps. I hope for a future where my niece and every person of colour can walk the earth and only have to deal with being on earth. Which is already fucked up enough. Take care of one another. Love dal.

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Queens of the Stone Age



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