On the spectrum of fighting systemic and economic racism, ordering food or purchasing a service from an Edmonton Black owned business is a small action. But it’s immediate, direct and you can do it over and over again. These are some of Edmonton’s Black owned businesses that you can support. Scroll down for educational resources and organizations.

Restaurants available for pick up and delivery:

Zuhur Restaurant

Zuhur Restaurant takes you on a delicious experience with their traditional East African dishes. Check out dishes customers won’t stop raving about like the Sabaayad Bread and Chicken Sugar, the Chicken Wrap, and the Mukhbasa and Fish!

Koultures Afro-Continental Restaurant 

We provide you with the taste of west African cuisine. Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia amongst others. Come dine with us!


The Sugarbowl has been providing a unique atmosphere and delicious food to the Garneau and University communities, and Edmonton as whole since 1943. Whether we’re part of your daily routine or this is your first visit, we hope you enjoy being here as much as we do. Cheers!

Walia Ethio Eritrean Restaurant

Ethiopian Restaurant in Edmonton.

Ertale Lounge Edmonton

Ertale is an exotic and unique lounge in which customers can embrace the Middle Eastern heritage with many different ethnic & local foods.

Bete Africa Ethiopian Restaurant

Bete African Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar is an authentic relaxation spot with a modern twist in the interior, giving our valued customers a whole new Ethiopian experience.

Island Grill Edmonton 

Warren has had a passion in the culinary arts since the tender age of 12. Taught by his grandmother in Jamaica, Warren made it his goal and mission over the years to perfect the art of cooking by trying various recipes and adding his own special touch.

African Safari Restaurant

Your spot for African dishes in YEG!

A Yah Mi Deh 

A Yah Mi Deh takes you on a trip to Jamaica with our delicious Caribbean cuisines. We put a lot of passion in our food to make you feel apart of something greater. Our customers most favorite dishes include the Jerk Chicken, the Jerk Pork, and the Oxtail!

The French Creperie 

Bonjour! I’m Evan, the Owner & Chef of The French Crêperie. I am currently a student athlete at the University of Alberta. I was born in France and immigrated to Canada 6 years ago. My fondest memory growing up was baking crepes with my mom. When I was 8 my mom taught me how to bake the perfect crepe and I never stopped making them. I can’t wait to share my love for crepes with everyone.

Paradise Grill and Catering

Originally founded by Owen as Pub Paradise in 1999. Owen is a chef with 20 plus years experience that cooks the Irresistible Jerk Chicken with his secret spices. Owen wanted to share his greatest achievements in Jamaican Culinary Arts with Edmonton; thus the food truck of Paradise Grill was born.

Banaardiri Xamereey Somali Restaurant 

Delicious Somali food made in Edmonton!

Zembaba 2 Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar 

Serving the tastiest authentic Ethiopian/Somalian food in Edmonton.

Sinit African Restaurant & Bar

Sinit African Restaurant & Bar offers delicious, authentic African cuisines prepared fresh daily. Bringing a taste of Africa to you, no need to travel! Try Sinit today! If you’re looking for suggestions, try the tasty Kicha Firfir, the Chicken Rice special, or grab a bite of our Samosas!

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant is Edmonton’s best Ethiopian Restaurant. You will not leave disappointed when you dine with us. All of our dishes are delicious. If you’re not sure what to order try the Zilzil Tibs, the Key Lamb Tibs, or the Veggie Combo!

Langano Skies

Ethiopian food has essentially remained uninfluenced by other countries and therefore retains its unique taste, style and tradition. Ethiopians love to share what they have with friends and family. Rich or poor, everyone offers food and drink to every one of their visitors. Gluten-free options available.

Narayanni’s Restaurant

We are a family-run South African-Indian Restaurant with high-quality cuisine. Mamma cooks daily from scratch. Pappa makes desserts. Seasoned with love.

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?? ATTN! Vegans & Vegetarians! WEDNESDAY MAY 13th! Mamma’s delicious COMFORT FOOD-TO-GO! Papa’s decadent CHOCOLATE MOUSSE is on the Menu! ( Vegan and Gluten-free!) Wednesday May 13th Check out the Menu! Vegan (unless noted Vegetarian) SOUP (16 OZ): Vegetable Curry Soup: Only $5 SALAD: Wedding Salad: Only $5 APPETIZERS: Mamma’s homemade HUMMUS (8 Oz.) $5 Roti (Indian flatbread) 5 for $10! ENTREES: ?? VEGETARIAN: ?? Basmati RICE: (16 Oz.) $5 VEGETABLE CURRIES (8 Oz): ONLY $5 each! ~ Cabbage ~ Cauliflower ~ Green beans ~ Butternut squash ~ Mushrooms and chickpeas ~ Paneer *** VEGETARIAN BEANS & POTATO CURRY: (16 Oz.) $10 Spinach DAHL: (16 Oz.) $10 Mamma’s Special VEGETABLE BIRYANI (16 OZ) $10 Spinach Quiche: $5 *** VEGETARIAN ?? PAPA’S Delicious Decadent Desserts ?? VEGAN DESSERTS: FEATURED DESSERT: Papa’s decadent chocolate Mouse (GLUTEN-FREE!) 8oz. Only $5 * Apple Berry Crumbles (Vegan!) 5 For $5 * Papa’s Yummy Rice Pudding (Vegan &GF!) $5 VEGETARIAN DESSERTS: ?? ON SALE! Almond Tarts! 5 for $5! ?? Papa’s Blueberry Bran Banana Muffins: 6 for $7! ?? Freshly Baked Cookies: 6 FOR $6! * Decadent Swiss Chocolate Chip * Honey Oatmeal Raisin * Papa’s Butter Tarts & Lemon Tarts: 5 for $10 (can mix-n-match!) * Papa’s freshly baked BERRY SCONES! (5 for $10!) * Papa’s World Best Shortbread: 6 for $9 HAVE YOU HEARD? We have added some of Mamma’s favorite “secrets” to the Menu for Mamma’s FOOD-TO-GO! Bring Mamma’s cooking MAGIC right into your own home! ?? Check these out! ?? ACCOMPANIMENTS: ?? MAMMA’S HOME-MADE CURRY SAUCE: ( All Vegan!) Add over veggies, meats, fish, rice, or as a marinade! 8oz Only $5! MAMMA’S MASALA SPICE: Mix this into your dishes at home! A yummmy addition to soups, broths, marinade for veggies, stir-fries and more! (Get creative!): $10 (250g bag) CHAI SPICE: Everyone loves our home-made CHAI! All these spices are delicately prepared into a “secret” mixture! ?? For Your Enjoyment $10 (50g) LEMON PICKLE: Homemade by Mamma! $10 a jar From Mamma’s Kitchen… To Yours ?? ORDER TODAY! ?? ~ Message us here! ~ Email: narayannisabundance@gmail.com ~ Or call: 780-756-7112 (Please include it

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Sambusa Hut

Sambusa Hut offers a the best Sambusas (or Samosas) that you’ve ever had. Try one today! Check out customer favourites like the Hut Beef Classic Sambusa, the Veggie Sambusa, or the Falafel or Bajiya (2 pcs). For Dessert, check out our Coconut Tart.

Blue Nile Authentic Ethiopian 

Vegetarian options available!

Family Injera Spices and Restaurant 

Family Injera and Spices is a store located in Edmonton, Alberta we sell different Ethiopian foods, spices, decorations, house supplies and so much more! Come check us out!

Big Jerkk 

We at Big Jerkk are dedicated to serving you world-class Jamaican cuisine, right in the heart of Edmonton. Our dishes are rich with exotic spices and delectable to every taste bud. Using only the finest ingredients, and authentic recipes dating back, we ensure that every bite of anything you order is delicious and flavourful. Try from a wide variety of Caribbean style dishes like the Jerk Chicken, or the Oxtail. When you come to Big Jerkk, our friendly atmosphere will make you feel right at home! If you are looking for a new restaurant in Edmonton to try, be sure to stop by today or order online!

Sunset Reggae

Here at Sunset Reggae Kitchen, we know that flavour is key to a delicious meal. That’s why we use only the freshest of ingredients, and authentic recipes dating back! With an explosion of flavour in every bite, you’re sure to enjoy everything no matter what you order!

We have traditional American sodas like Coke and Sprite, but you can also try more ‘reggae’ style drinks like our Tropical Rhythm Juice, which comes in a wide variety of flavours like Mango Carrot Juice, Pineapple Ginger Juice, or Fruit Punch Juice! We also carry Island Sodas in flavours such as Banana Grace Drink, Cream Soda Grace Drink, or even Cola Champagne Grace Drink!

Saffron’s Caribbean Delight

Locally owned small business still OPEN for business (take-out only).

Fartun Cultural Cuisine

East African restaurant in Edmonton.

Irie Foods

A family owned restaurant since 1996 come down and enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine only at Irie foods.

Tiramisu Bistro

Tiramisu Bistro features a modern take on traditional Italian fare, focusing on fresh ingredients and sustainable wines from small vineyards. What began with the inspiration of sharing a home-like experience for guests, staff and friends has developed into a full-service restaurant hosting unique breakfast, lunch, dinner menus & brunch until 2:00 PM daily.

Red Star/The Bower/Lock Stock Coffee

Three businesses all located in the heart of downtown Edmonton.

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Since 2004

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Caribbean Finest

Caribbean food located in north Edmonton!

Monamie Resto

At MonAmie Resturant we provide you with the taste of African cuisine Come Dine a with Us. Thanks.
Reopening July 1, contact Tastebuds Caribbean BBQ to get your next event catered! We work out of a commercial kitchen in place of having a storefront.  This gives our customers maximum value and us the ability to grow our business organically.  Our flavours here at Tastebuds will blow your mind. Imagine Caribbean influenced food with a touch of southern BBQ.


Grocery Stores: 

Habesha Retail Store LTD

A retail business that stocks a range of everyday items such as coffee, groceries, confectionery, soft drinks, tobacco products, billiardo and making habesha foods.

Kasoa Tropical Food

We import our products from top distributors to give you the best experience imaginable. Our wide selection of specialty African and Caribbean products will leave you feeling satisfied with every purchase.


Our whole-leaf tea blends and spicy chai mixes are made 100% locally with health and wellness in mind. We use the best possible natural and organic ingredients, and we source Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) certified ingredients wherever possible.


Salons and beauty: 

Thriving Tress

Thriving Tress has been an idea for many years. For years, I would tinker with different ingredients, oils, and vitamins to create my own beauty products. The idea behind Thriving Tress is to create affordable, all natural products, made with care and perfection. These hair products are designed for people who want to promote growth, retain length and to moisturize and protect.

Zee Beauty

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Zaynab Logun, and I am the founder of Zee Beauty. Over the past few years, I have found out that being a hairstylist is more than just styling hair. It is about making personal connection with my guests, helping make and finally sit it in my chair to discover their beauty, inside and out.

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Simple cornrows ???

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Styled by Dara

Specialize in braids and wigs and much more in Edmonton.

The Melanin Studio

Facials, vagacials and Body treatments in Alberta. Experts in skin and body care for all.

The Lashpertise

The Lashpertise is an Edmonton based lash company that specializes in handmade, cruelty-free mink lashes and provides lash extension services. We aspire to make our clients feel like lash experts by ensuring we supply top quality eyelash extensions and accessories.

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Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Heather and I am the Owner of The Lashpertise. I have struggled with showcasing who I am on my platform for 3 years in fears that it would drive potential clients/customers away. I know… it broke my heart every single time cause it has happened. There has been times when I have met client/customers and they have looked at me and said like “ oh… your Heather?”. Yes, Hi, it’s me, my name is Heather and yes I AM A YOUNG BLACK JAMAICAN CANADIAN. I’ve felt like I did not fit in the beauty/lash community in Edmonton when I had been around or in groups of women, because NO ONE looked like me and no one really made an effort to reach out to me. And again, it would ruin my confidence.. but that feeling stops today. When you come to do your lashes or pick up your lashes, a black woman will be greeting you. When you purchase lashes, a black woman will be fulfilling your orders, dropping your purchases to the post office or delivering it to your door. I PUT MY ALL INTO THIS BUSINESS FOR ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. I WANT TO THANK EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING WHO HAS SUPPORTED @thelashpertise I AM A BLACK WOMAN WITH A BUSINESS…and if you don’t support that then please unfollow??? ___________________________________________________________ The Lashpertise is an Edmonton based lash company that specializes in handmade, cruelty-free mink lashes and provides lash extension services. The aspiration is to make clients feel like lash experts by ensuring to supply top quality eyelash extensions and accessories. #supportblackbusiness#localbusiness#edmonton#entrepreneur#womanownedbusiness#blackownedbusiness #lovedandlashed #yeglashextensions #edmontonlashartist #yeglashes #canadalashes#wispylashes #striplashlook #megavolume #megavolumelashes #lashbossbabe #lashtechnician #volumelashextensions #russianvolumelashes

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Edmonton Hairgodj

MUA & HAIRGOD!! I do makeup, weaves, wigs, custom colors, cuts, hair and bridal. All hairstyles on my IG are done by me.


Art galleries, artists and photographers: 

5 Artists 1 Love

5 Artists 1 Love promotes a celebration of the vibrancy and range of Edmonton’s African Canadian Communities through artistic community engagement.

Inkfable Media

An Illustration and Design Company that also involved in creating brand new independent properties for consumers. It has been a passionate idea and dream of the members invested to have content people can enjoy whether it be from a webcomic, illustrations or design for advertising.

Veille Photography

I’m a portrait and romance photographer based in Alberta, Canada.

What started a love for photography for me was food; I love it when food is well cooked, and well presented, and come on, it’s a crime to have a good looking plate that you don’t take a picture of! I started living in Calgary shortly after high school and the Alberta Rockies are breathtaking, so I did landscape photography for a while! I then moved back in the Edmonton area and I didn’t want to put my camera down, so I started shooting people and now that’s practically all my photography’s known for.

I’m a sucker for good human connections and great stories, and there aren’t many things greater than taking part in capturing moments of some of the greatest stories people hold.

Junnine Media

I am currently a freelance Voiceover Artist based in Canada. I provide voice talent to clients for Television commercials, Radio spots, Audio book narration, Corporate voicemail recordings, IVR Phone recording and ELearning. I have strong reading comprehension and follow direction well. I have a crisp strong toned voice and speak with clearly and versatile to adjust to each individual project.


Doctors, health and fitness: 

La Perle Dental Centre

From dental hygienists and dental assistants to our lab technicians and office staff, we believe the best customer experience comes from a genuine care and concern for for our patients. Our goal is to ensure every appointment is comfortable, relieves any pain or discomfort and meets all of your expectations. You are our priority! Serving Aldergrove, Belmead, Terra Losa and beyond. We are no longer a corporate dental clinic and are back to being your community family dental clinic.

Alberta Black Therapist Network

The Alberta Black Therapists Network are a group of licensed and regulated professionals working in the field of mental health and addictions. We believe in the psychological well being of our community, and the society as a whole. Through networking, continued training, and use of evidence-based approaches, we strive to ensure the highest quality of services are provided to our communities. We aim to increase emotional wellness and the application of self care skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence, positive thinking, goal setting, responsible decision making, and healthy relationships. At the core, we normalize lived experiences, engage in psycho-education to reduce barriers to psychological health and decrease stigma against seeking additional support when needed.

PityTheFool Fitness 

Hey! I’m Ethan, owner and trainer at PityTheFool Fitness, an Edmonton and area based personal training and fitness provider. I pursued my ACE Certification at Elevated Learning Academy in 2015, driven by a lifelong passion for sports and coaching. When I was younger, I was an avid volleyball and soccer player, as I got older my focus shifted towards hockey and football, both playing and coaching the latter. My interests are now directed to Olympic Weightlifting, though my love for team sports will never wane! Outside of sports and fitness, my other passion is music. You might find me behind a drum kit, singing along to the radio, or more than likely beat boxing to it. My one year old daughter seems to have found the same rhythm, which I can’t wait to nurture in her! Being a father has been incredibly humbling, rewarding, and has taught me a lot about both my strengths and weaknesses. Being a part of her growth is my greatest joy.

Absolute Health Incorporated 

In 1996, Dr. Carole Ross opened her family practice here in Edmonton. Over the years she has helped thousands of patients back to better health. We specialize in treating a variety of conditions and enhancing your health and well-being. Everyday, we treat patients who suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders, work injuries and whiplash.



Fast Shoe Repair

Shoes don’t need to be thrown away when they look old, broken, or dirty. Bring them to us and we’ll bring them back to life! At Fast Shoe Repair, we offer a wide range of shoe repair and shoe cleaning services, including Shoe Repairing, Shoe Polishing and Winterizing, Sneakers Cleaning Service, Shoe Stretching, Boot Alteration, Zipper Replacement, Rubber Full Sole Replacement, Leather Full Sole Replacement, Birkenstock Sole Replacement, Ladies Protective Soles and Heels, Stiletto Replacement Heels Tips, Leather Jacket Repair & Cleaning Service, Cowboy Boots Repair & Cleaning Service, Designer Shoe Repair & Cleaning Service, Ugg Repair & Cleaning Service, Handbag Repair Cleaning, Sole Guard.


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Ways to support BIPOC in Edmonton and nationwide: 


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