Ruby Waters is a Metis singer/songwriter from Shelburne, Ontario (population 8, 126). She’s now based out of Toronto and has collaborated with artists like Serena Ryder. She loves being on the road and supported City and Colour on their last tour, including their show in Edmonton. A fun fact about Ruby Waters on tour is that her pre-show ritual is to take a shot of tequila.

She loves Amy Winehouse, Led Zeppelin, Rihanna, Nirvana, and the Rolling Stones. At 4-years-old she started singing, then her dad taught her to play the guitar when she was 7. Her mom and dad met while they were each on tour with their own bands. Her dad was a guitarist in the ’60s for Kingpin, a Led Zeppelin tribute band. Her mom had just left her band Ruby for a new all-girl band called Why Not. Eventually, they formed their own country band and raised their two kids on the road.

“Supernatural” is a song off of her debut EP, Almost Naked. You can watch the video below:

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