The Zolas are a Canadian indie rock band based out of Vancouver. “Energy Czar” is the first piece of new music we’ve heard from them since releasing their Swooner album back in 2016. This song is the first track in a series they’ll be doing called “Z DAYS”, which is a series that includes the release of a new song every month. Their singer, Zach Gray, had this to say about the new tune:

“The name Energy Czar came before the song itself. I wanted to write something about our delusions of domination over nature. How with climate change Mother Earth is starting to remind us that we’re not in charge here and never were.”

Today The Zolas also posted this statement about the song and why they don’t want to flood social media in promoting it.


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Hey swooners, the vigilant among you noticed a new song hit spotify etc last week without a word from us. It’s called ENERGY CZAR and yes, it’s very good and the lyric video is out today on our youtube channel BUT we’re not gonna go ham promoting it here because as u all know the most exciting social movement of our time needs our collective attention now more than ever. If you haven’t yet, read about what “defunding the police” really means and why it makes sense. Keep amplifying the fountain of videos showing us the toxic fist of law enforcement. Keep following and supporting the local organizations making concrete demands from municipalities on our behalf. Stay incensed until we see real change where we live. -Zg, Dwi and Coco.

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You can watch the video below:

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